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The Internet of Things World Hackathon is a not-for-profit 30-hour app-building contest held at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, right in the epicenter of IoT development. Co-located with the Internet of Things World & AppsWorld events, this hack will feature speakers and other industry professionals from both events as judges and mentors.

Challenge A) Best Consumer IoT Project:

Application sectors for the consumer include Home, Fitness & Health, the Connected / Self Driving Car, and the use of Beacons. Some example projects: turning on the coffee maker when you run the shower in the morning, turning on your car’s engine when you open the garage door, or guiding around a shopping mall.

Challenge B) Best Industrial IoT Project:

Covering innovations for the Industrial Internet, application sectors for this challenge include Smart Cities, Intelligent Agriculture, Smart Energy & Utilities, Logistics, Environment & Resource Management, and Healthcare. Some example projects: trash cans that know when they need to be emptied, street lights that turn off when no-one is around, plants that know when they need watering, or industrial machines that let you know when their bearings might be wearing out.

We believe interoperability will be crucial to the future success of IoT, so projects which use a variety of different technologies will be at a distinct advantage.

Registration details:
Please visit the dedicated event website to register. The hack is a not-for-profit activity, but we charge a small participation fee of $50 to cover basic costs and ensure a genuine intention of participation.

What You Should Bring:

Your creativity, ideas, laptop, and any engineer toys and tools that you think you might want to hack into your solution.
Food and drink will be provided by Internet of Things World and our sponsors.


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Grand Prize

Best Consumer IoT Project

Best Industrial IoT Project

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To Be Announced

Judging Criteria

  • Best Consumer IoT Hack
  • Best Industrial IoT Hack

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